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Yellow Premium Bananas

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Over 22 years of working with trusted producers in South America ensures that we have the highest quality YELLOW bananas.


The largest and most modern facilities in Poland, Romania and Hungary allow ripening of more than half a million cartons per week.


We care for the environment and optimise the supply chain through modern intermodal solutions.

About us

We are expanding our network of warehouses and ripening facilities in Europe to offer the highest quality and always fresh YELLOW bananas to customers from different countries. At the same time, we maintain the character of a family business.


Largest banana ripening facilities in Europe

We currently have 5 ripening facilities located in 3 countries: Poland, Romania and Hungary. The modern facilities in Zgorzelec, Pruszcz Gdański, Bucharest, Timisoara and Budapest are IFS Food and BRC certified. We have equipped them with the latest technologies that enable us to control the banana ripening processes.

Each week, we can ripen nearly 500 truckloads of these fruits, which are then distributed to supermarket chains across Europe.

Capacity of our ripening facilities:

  • Zgorzelec: 170.000 cartons/week
  • Bucharest: 70.000 cartons/week
  • Pruszcz Gdański: 150.000 cartons/week
  • Budapest: 70.000 cartons/week
  • Timisoara: 60.000 cartons/week

The Yellow Bananas

Quality that stands out in the market

Citronex is a family business that has been building its position in the market for over 35 years. We are currently one of the largest importers and suppliers of bananas in Europe. Yellow is first and foremost a guarantee of the highest quality and adherence to international food safety standards.

Why Yellow ?

  • The fruit we import is of certified quality;
  • All our bananas come from plantations in South America;
  • Integrated supply chain and logistics ensure the highest freshness of our fruit;

Yellow for health

Bananas are rich in vitamin C,
vitamin B6 and fibre

Regular consumption of bananas helps regulate blood pressure and heart health

Yellow for health

They are a convenient snack to eat anywhere, anytime

Thanks to their high carbohydrate content, they are a source of energy for the body

How long does the banana ripening process take?

The banana ripening process in specialised chambers takes between 5 and 7 days. Precise control of the process allows the optimum quality and taste of the fruit to be obtained.

What affects the quality of the Yellow bananas?

We carry out independent audits on plantations to maintain the highest quality of still green bananas regardless of the season. We then monitor the fruit during transport to maintain its freshness, and advanced ripening technology allows us to provide customers with always tasty and yellow bananas.












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