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In April, we had the pleasure of hosting our ambassador, Piotr Zyła, at the ripening facility in Zgorzelec. Piotr came to find out more about the brand he works with and to find out how the banana ripening process goes from the moment the bananas are harvested until they reach the shop shelves.

During his visit, Piotr listened with interest to our staff talk about the processes and care that goes into each stage of the Yellow Bananas’ ripening. From the harvesting of the bananas in tropical countries, to their transport, to the precise conditions of storage and ripening in our ripening facility – each stage was discussed in detail.

Our team also had the opportunity to meet a legend of the Polish sport, which was a unique event for all present. The moments spent talking and learning about our processes together passed in a pleasant atmosphere, and the souvenir photos from this visit will be a fond memory for us all.