We work with trusted suppliers

We only work with suppliers who meet the highest quality standards on their plantations, confirmed by independent audits and certifications. This makes us stand out in the market and our products meet the requirements of safe food.

In addition, we have implemented a social responsibility policy and are committed to the sustainability of our partners on a daily basis.

We currently work with a group of 10 carefully selected suppliers from Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Banana growth

The growth cycle of the banana plant

The banana plant grows from an underground tuber, sprouting shoots that form new plants. It reaches its full height of 5 to 7 metres in 9 months, growing a few centimetres each day. After developing a full array of leaves, a flowered stem appears at the top of the plant, from which a large bud develops. Each leaf of this bud opens, presenting two rows of tiny flowers.

Banana harvesting

Efficient methods in the banana harvesting process

To ensure the highest quality bananas, it is essential to pick the fruit when it is still quite green. Before picking, we precisely measure their size and degree of ripeness. The banana bunches are then packed into specialised cardboard boxes that protect them during transport.