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Combining passion for sport and taste: The Yellow Bananas is the official partner of the Romanian National Team
We are one of the largest distributors of bananas from Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica, and for the past five years we have owned two ripening facilities in Romania – in Timisoara and Bucharest – providing access to fresh and top quality bananas.

We believe that health and quality go hand in hand
Bananas, due to their nutritional value, support the functioning of the body. Vitamins and minerals boost immunity, regulate muscle function and provide energy, while fibre helps with digestion and weight maintenance. The natural sugars provide quick and sustained energy, making the banana an ideal choice before and after intense exercise.

The Yellow Bananas supports the Romanian National Team during EURO 2024
Footballers use a lot of energy during training, leading to muscle fatigue and the need for quick recovery. For the past year, we have been an official partner of the Romanian National Team, supporting the athletes on their way to success during EURO 2024.